About Us


Emmanuel Okon Founder CEO

AgriBusinessLink is an online shopping platform for all agricultural value chain. We provide an opportunity to farmers and consumers to meet, it is a change in AgriBusiness marketing, and we want to transform Agriculture into Business.

AgriBusinessLink is a leading online marketing of Agricultural value chain globally. It is a platform where you buy and sell agricultural value chain, from the comfort of your house

We connect buyers and suppliers, provide convenience to buyers and growth to suppliers, while boosting the Nigeria Agribusiness value chain. www.agribusinesslink.com.ng is owned by THE LIVINGNEWS PUBLICATIONS, a global Agricultural marketing, Research Consultancy Company based in Nigeria.




Blessing_Emmanuel Gm_Operation
Blessing Emmanuel GM Operation

We provide a platform for farmers and consumers to buy or sell their agricultural products online, we deliver these value chain products to consumers doorstep; we promote marketing and Research in Agribusiness value chain. Generating ideas, and disseminating both to Agribusiness investors. We represent international Donor Agencies and foreign Agribusiness investors. We partner with all agricultural products, both in government and private sector. we advertise all agribusiness products and brands.

Promoting private and public sector in agriculture, marketing Access in Agribusiness value chain.